Winter is here again.

To a rich man in the comfort of his home,

winter is a friend or merely a change of season.

But to a homeless man on the streets, winter must surely be an enemy, who was sent to kill him in his sleep.

The cold and damp gets worse at night,

while the moon shines bright, providing nomads and insomniacs light.

Who is to blame for his circumstance?

The system,


or himself?

Is he as the politician says,

a lazy bum who would rather live in a slum and beg for crumbs, instead of getting a job?

Or is he as the economist says,

an unfortunate, uncontrollable by product of capitalism?

Or is he that which is ignored by all of us

in our busy everyday lives,

because he reminds us

that if we don’t work ourselves to the bone and chase money,

we could be in his shoes tomorrow?

Or is he the brother that instead of helping

we selfishly leave in sorrow

because we are inherently egotistical and self obsessed?

Ahh who cares anyway?

Its time to let my pen have a rest.