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This is a contemporary romantic comedy/ urban fiction novel with a twist. It deals with relationships from a male and a female perspective, and allows the reader to delve into the psyche of  a representative of each of the sexes who is desperately looking for love.


Have you ever thought of cheating whilst you were in a relationship? Well, imagine how much harder it would be to resist that urge, if you were a player for so many years, before you met the partner you’ve always dreamed of.

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is the second book we published. If you love books that have fantasy, magic and adventure then you will love  this story by Jonathan Poku.


Christopher wakes up to discover the exact injury he sustained in a joint dream with his friends. Realising their safety is dependent on closing the portal that takes them to the realm of Borlosanti, they endeavour to stay awake. Will they live long enough to understand the immensity of power their dreamworld possesses? Maybe, maybe not, after all one boy’s dream is another’s worse nightmare.

If Cain Were Able - Audio drama

If in the post apocalypse, where a deadly pandemic reigns supreme, your survival is based on you doing the unthinkable, is there honestly anything you wouldn't be willing to do?

Welcome back to paradise

is the first book we published. It was written by Jonathan Poku, and it is a book of poetry that covers many aspects of life. To read a few of these poems, please select the button below:

So Much Love

is a music video that our very own Jonathan Poku directed and filmed for legacy music.

Love Somebody

is another music video that we made for Legacy music. It was also filmed and directed by Jonathan Poku.

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